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Hey there! Welcome to Titunes Kittens – the place where we’re all about celebrating our furry friends and making their lives awesome. We’re a bunch of cat lovers who’ve done it all: from helping out at shelters to rescuing lost kitties and treating our pampered feline royals. We’ve got tons of cool stories and tips to share with you.

Check out our blog for some heart-melting adoption stories, the lowdown on keeping your cats healthy, and some sneak peeks at our rescue adventures. Our journey’s gonna inspire you to step up and be a hero for cats in your hood.

Dive into the fun world of cats with us, learn how to keep them happy and healthy, and get your daily dose of cute. Whether you’re a cat pro or just starting to get into the cat game, our blog’s got your back with all the info you need.

We’re all about building a community that’s got the backs of every kitty out there. From handy tips to touching stories, we’re here to spark some action and get everyone loving cats even more.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and join the party. With Titunes Kittens, you’re not just reading about cats – you’re joining a movement that’s all about living it up with our purring pals. Let’s make every cat’s life purr-fect, one story at a time!

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Founders: LT, JLT and the kittens Strudel, Milka, Mere and Toffee. 

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