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We collaborate with our rescuer’s friends to find a loving home for these beautiful furbabies.  If you are interested in any of them, please don’t hesitate to contact the rescuer.


Celine is a beauty who has not only endured life’s hardships but has emerged as a gentle and loving soul. Mostly white with striking black markings, Celine’s unique appearance mirrors the extraordinary spirit within her. She is a sweet girl’s playful, gentle, and with loving nature.

In her foster home, Celine has undergone a remarkable transformation, blossoming into a joyous feline companion. She has a special affinity for her cozy bed,  and finds sheer delight in hiding within cardboard boxes. A smart toy that she can chase around has become a particular favorite, showcasing her playful and spirited nature. Her daredevil side has also emerged, as she fearlessly jumps and climbs to impressive heights, including the fridge and wardrobe. Celine’s happiness, sweetness, and playfulness combine to create an atmosphere of pure fun and joy.

Celine’s resilience shines through despite her past experiences, including being abandoned. 

Fun-loving, affectionate, and people-oriented. She adores being pet, with a special fondness for belly rubs and cherishes the company of humans. While her past experiences make us uncertain about her compatibility with other cats, Celine’s foster mama believes she may thrive best as a solo cat.

Now, Celine is looking for a forever home where she can continue her journey and be showered with the love and care she deserves. If you’re ready to open your heart to this gentle soul, apply today and welcome Celine into your home.  

Age: 1-2 years old approximately.

Fully vetted. 
FIV/FelV negative. 

Tony Soprano

We are pleased to introduce you to Tony Soprano ()! A kitten born to a rescued, pregnant mother. He was so happy to be born inside with his four siblings, so happy and so safe.

When he was just a baby, Tony was diagnosed with a “stricture“. He was born with part of his intestine so tight, poop could barely travel through. Months of observation and care lead us to a resolution!

His stricture is now opened and he can poop like a normal kitty. However, he is still considered a kitty with gastrointestinal needs. We are just about done fully diagnosing him, but Tony will likely need to be on gastrointestinal foods for life. No biggie! Royal Canin makes great brands that he loves!

Even with this special diet, Tony may need a bum wipe here or there. Occasionally, a quick behind bath. Again, no biggie.

Tony seeks a very loving, very patient home who will understand that he was born with this condition, and may fully outgrow it, or may not. Regardless of what his precious life brings, he deserves a family to accept him as he is.

His rescue group “Belladonna and Friends” will travel for the perfect home for their beloved kitten!!

Age: Born on February 20, 2023. Piscis.

Fully vetted. Neutered and spayed.
Felv / FIV negative.


Perry(♂) is a handsome, 1-2 year old that will truly talk his way into your heart.

Perry demanded his own rescue by showing up to the front porch of a Bronx, NY home. He quickly made his presence known with his vocal talents and kindly asked the homeowners if he could come in. Within days, Perry’s wish was granted and he was rescued.

Perry is such a gentle soul; he was clearly ready for his days on the street to be over.

Perry is currently awaiting a foster and/or adopter at the moment. He is fully vetted and happens to be an FELV+ ball of purrfection. Being FELV+ may not have any significant effect on his life other than mandating that he be an only cat or live with others with the same diagnosis. FELV can not be passed to humans or other animals besides cats.

Perry has never let anything the way of his prolific biscuit-making! When happy, he’s been know to make Air Biscuits (TM).

After only days of being inside, Perry’s personality truly began to shine: he loves to chase strings, pounce on cat-nip mouse toys, and give forehead kisses. He has a lot to say and will let you know how much he loves and appreciates you… and an food you have to offer. He’s really a foodie at heart.

Don’t miss an opportunity to adopt this charming cat. FELV+ cats can live long and healthy lives with regular vet appointments. He would love a home for the holidays!

Age: 1-2 years old approximately.

Fully vetted. 
FIVnegative. FelV  positive.

Kate & Grace

Kate & Grace, two soulful kitties searching for a forever home. These bonded companions, nearing one and a half years old, find themselves facing an uncertain future as their foster home slips away, and adoption applications remain elusive.

From tiny kittens to the beautiful souls they are today, Kate and Grace have been with us every step of the way. Yet, as rescued cats mature, the path to adoption becomes steeper.

Kate, a lovely and independent female, reveals her affectionate side once trust is earned, craving endless pets and playtime. Grace, a male kitty, is a mushy sweetheart, quick to embrace all the attention showered upon him. Together since day one, they dream of a shared forever home.

These playful yet relaxed kitties cherish moments by the window, nap times, and the joy of meals and treats. Kate and Grace are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested negative for FelV/FIV, and microchipped.

We implore you to consider opening your heart and home to this inseparable duo. If adoption isn’t possible, a share can be a beacon of hope. Let’s unite to help Kate and Grace find the love they’ve been waiting for.

Fully vetted. 
FIVnegative. FelV  positive.

Rescuer: Meow Squad NYC

Note: we are not in charge of the adoption process; the cats don’t belong to us; we just promote them. The rescuer will apply an adoption fee.

Giuseppe & Alessandro


Gina Marie


Zinnia & Gardenia

Rosie & Tazzy



Jake & Mikki