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The word comes from the Greek words “ailouros” meaning “cat” and “phile” meaning “lover.” So, it literally translates to “cat lover.”

A catio, also known as a cat patio, is a safe and enclosed outdoor space for your feline friend to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and sights and sounds of nature without the risks of roaming freely. Think of it as a private patio just for your cat!

A colony is a group of cats living together in a specific area and sharing a common food source. They are also referred to as Community Cats, colonies can form in urban environments, on the streets, in neighborhoods, or in the wild.

Feral cat:
These cats have never been socialized with humans and are typically wild and skittish. They avoid human contact and are often fearful, hissing or even scratching if approached.
Born wild or lived wild for a long time: They’re either born to other feral cats and raised without human interaction or were domestic cats but became feral after an extended period living on their own.

Stray cat:
A stray cat is a domesticated cat that lives outdoors and is not owned by anyone. They might have once been a pet but got lost, abandoned, or simply wandered away from home.
Stray cats may approach you for food or attention, meow or rub against you, and may even follow you around. 

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