by Titunes Kittens

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Is your cat ready for Halloween? Amazing kitties in costumes

Does your kitty like to wear hats, dresses, or even small boots? Probably not all of them, I would say a big part of them to be honest, but it doesn’t stop pet owners from buying cute small costumes, especially for what I called Meowloween! 

Can you imagine how fun it would be to walk over the street with your cat wearing a mini witch costume and saying “Tuna or Trick?” to your neighbors. Unfortunately, my cat Milka would run away at the speed of light the first second a human be there, and my other cat Mere, would break into my neighbor’s house to still any available food in his kitchen.

We celebrate Meowloween on our terms without going out, but still, Titunes (my cats) offer me some minutes of tolerance wearing some costumes and let me take some pictures; treats are involved in the negotiation. You can see some of their photographs in their Instagram account @tituneskittens:

Here there is some recommendation if you want to start with costumes with your cat:

Suppose your cat is hissing, growling, or trying to bite you. Forget it! Same if he is terrified about the situation. Nothing like this justify putting your cat under such stress.
If it results in, he may like it or doesn’t bother, never leaves the cat wearing the costume unsupervised. Some hats or dresses have strings or other elements that can be dangerous.
Check always the quality, size, and weight of a costume. The more good reviews, the better. Never use a heavy costume in a small cat or one that makes cat walking difficult. Also, a warms costume is not a good idea if the ambient temperature is high.
I usually dress them up, check if they feel comfortable, then take some pictures and clothes off.

We love to see our fur friends and their amazing outfits; they are delightful, and some pet owners put a lot of dedication to it. We invite you to find and follow here some of our friends with their outfits on Instagram: