by Titunes Kittens

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cat advent calendar

Advent Calendar for Cats

What a creative idea! Have you ever seen an event calendar … for CATS!!! Last week doing some shopping in Trader’s Joe we discovered these fabulous advent calendars for cats and dogs.

An Advent Calendar is a calendar used to count days before Christmas; some start on the 1st of December, but the starting date can be different. The word Advent means “coming” in Latin and in Christianity represent the preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Parents like to get them for their children, bringing fun and enjoying family moments, when kids open the small compartments to discover treats or toys day by day until Christmas.

Advent Calendar for Cats
Advent Calendar for Dogs

So how is an Advent Calendar for cat exactly?

Thanks to Trader Joe’s, cats and dogs delight in these fantastic and creative pets calendar full of treats on them.

The cat version brings no farm-raised Atlantic salmon and dried seaweed treats, and for doggies, no farm-raised smoked Scottish salmon with sweet potato treats … I am not a pet, but this sounds yummy!

The treat’s shape is in four forms: fishes, hearts, stars and something like small flowers. For dogs, I think instead of fishes, there are some bone shapes.

The price is considerably affordable (5.99 Usd) if you get it from Trader Joe’s locations; some people online are offering the calendar for a crazy amount of money.

We plan to open the first compartment on the 1st of December with @tituneskittens (my cats), and we will share with you on their social media our experience.

Please remember to help if you can, shelters and rescuers. They are in need more than ever now with the covid-19 crisis. Find here a list of some of them. Thank you