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Photo of cat dispenser toy

Treat dispensers for treat greedy kitties

Some years ago, I found myself trying to find different methods to offer my cats @tituneskittens treats healthily. Treat disappeared in their tiny mouths at light speed as soon as I opened the treat container. We noticed they developed an addiction to them, particularly to the cat-nip flavored, so we worked hard to reduce the amount and slow their anxiety.

I want to clarify that we don’t give them too many treats during the day; they receive dental or fur health treats after taking their medicines as a reward, let’s call it “dessert.” Sometimes the treats work as a decoy to a specific situation, like going to the vet.

After extensive product research, two types of products came to my knowledge: slower feeders and treat dispensers.

Slower feeders are bowls for pets with a particular form o pattern in the middle; some have a kind of maze form to increase the cats’ effort to grab the food. They can only be used with dry kibbles or dry treats. There are several types, materials, and colors, and they work perfectly if you have an obese pet that needs a diet or suffers from eating disorders like overeating.

On the other hand, you can try a treat dispenser, as the name implies, only to be used with dry treats. There are different types, forms, colors, materials, and prices on the market. 

The slower feeder was not an option for my cats since they have a wet diet, so we bought a treat dispenser: Mousy.

Treat dispenser with treats inside, front outlet. Photo by LT
Second outlet that can be rotated to block or increase difficult level. Photo by LT

Mousy is the name we gave to a little pink plastic mouse with two holes in his belly to add the treats that will come out with low to medium levels of difficulty when our cats play with him. I must admit that it is pretty interesting to see my cats’ reactions and strategies to push the treats out of Mousy.

The boys spend several hours playing and pushing Mousy around the house, while Milka sits and waits for other cats to get the expected reward just to run and jump over it like a thief to a diamond. For us is a win-win since we keep them busy playing and help with their eat-fast-treats situation. This is the vendor on Amazon where we get Mousy.

Because we also search for eco-friendly toys, we found this fantastic interactive puzzle treat dispenser that lets cats exercise their little paws trying to get the treats from the box.

Regarding durability, the brand @catamazingtoy did an excellent job, being their maze Titunes kitten’s second favorite toy. 

It has three difficulty levels, but depending on your cat’s personality can be less or more. Mere is a curious boy; he spends almost an hour figuring out how to push the box to make the holes let the treats out. 

You can visit their Amazon store here.

My advice if you want to try a tread dispense:

Cat treat dispenser
Egg shape treat dispenser
Cat treat dispenser
Rabbit form treat one, very heavy for our cats, but it is really cute, isn't it?