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Catnip Banana!

Usually, when I have to travel, I feel the imperative need to buying some presents for my cats. Yes, some kind of guilty feeling that makes me spend some time at the pet store. It could be a toy, a lovely bed, or maybe a kitten tuna dessert (their favorite).

This last one every kitty received a present: a sort of turkey toy made with feathers, a catnip banana, and a beautiful ceramic plate.

The truth about cat toys is that you never know if it will work out or not, cats are very picky about selecting and playing with them, so I didn’t have too much hope.

As I expected, the little turkey was not a big deal, the bowl will be used for cat birthdays or special occasions, but the catnip banana was a really a complete SUCCESS!

This cotton fabric banana shape is full of catnip and very well made, also passed Milka’s canines test. She really has unusually sharp teeth. Also, the thickness is high, so it is complete claw-proof. I didn’t sense any minty catnip smell but believe me, my cats do.

The tree of them likes to spend time with the banana, not like they will be playing all the time around the house, jumping and scrawling.  When the cats are resting or bored, I give it to them. Then they start the attack biting, kicking and licking it, having an enjoyable time.

I bought the one named COSMIC CATNIP by Our Pets company, and if you visit their web, you will find amazing toys and related products. 

Image from Our Pet's Co

I hope you enjoy my review of the catnip banana, my cats definitely did!

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